Syware releases Visual CE 10 for Windows Mobile

Syware has announced Visual CE 10, a new release of its mobile database development tool. The application extends the capabilities of Visual CE and its drag-and-drop desktop development environment, which enables users to create Windows Mobile based applications with little or no programming.

Released in conjunction with Visual CE 10 is Manage CE. It allows an administrator to configure and reconfigure remote devices from a central site. This allows new or updated applications and other files to be distributed to users without their returning to the office or having to do anything at all except perform routine synchronization.

In addition, when a device is lost or stolen, an administrator can remotely purge applications and files from the device, keeping sensitive data secure.

Visual CE 10 includes a macro editor. The macro editor allows even non-programmers to add sophisticated logic to their applications by guiding them through the process of creating well-structured, well-documented macros. Macros can now be totally behind the scenes, kept tidy and unobtrusive, yet still easily viewed, called and edited.

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