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SysMedia CAPture offers convenient conversion of subtitles from teletext

SysMedia’s new CAPture allows broadcasters to create a subtitle file directly from existing teletext data in video.

With CAPture, broadcasters can avoid the time and expense of creating new subtitles for a previously subtitled program, whether it’s a live transmission or a tape from the archive. It allows the subtitles to be reworked easily after capture from an original live transmission or to fit with a program edit.

CAPture’s software automatically detects scrolled subtitles, which often are used for live programs, as well as more traditional block mode subtitles. It stores the word-by-word scrolled version and creates a block mode equivalent version as well, which makes it easier to rework subtitle content.

CAPture comes as a complete 1RU package that decodes teletext subtitles from a composite video feed, and stores all text, position, color and associated timing data using an external time code feed or internal clock.

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