Switchcraft Introduces New Patchbays

Switchcraft has introduced a new line of grouped midsize RGB video patchbays and also a new MVPM Monitor Circuit line. The company also announced that it was expanding its line of Studiopatch DAW Patchbays.

Similar to the company's standard MidSize series video patchbays, the grouped RGB series offers performance in high-density panels and are ideal for when component video signals need to be separated into their own. The jacks are grouped into RGB, RGBS, and RGBHV layouts. The panels are available in 1 RU, 1.5 RU and 2 RU versions.

The MVPM monitor circuit video patchbay is similar to the company's standard MidSize series of video patchbays. A single row of isolated single jacks allows the monitoring of signals without interrupting the signal path. Panels are available in 1 RU, 1.5 RU, and 2 RU versions. All meet SMPTE 292 specifications.

Switchcraft has expanded its line of Studiopatch patchbays by adding two more configurations, the 9625 version consisting of 96 patch-points to DB25 rear connections and the 96DL version, which offers 96 patch-points to Cannon DL rear connections. All three versions, including the original 6425, utilize the EZ Norm jack, which allows for quick changes from the front of the patchbay. All patchbays have bussed grounds for phantom power.