Studio installs one of Europe’s first Euphonix S5 Fusions

Yellow Cab Studios in Paris has installed the new Euphonix S5 Fusion for TV post production and feature film mixing, making it one of the first in Europe to do so. The new S5 Fusion is located in Yellow Cab’s premier Studio A dubbing theater, which features a 2K Sanyo PLV-HD2000 projection system fed from a VCube.

Initially founded as a TV post house in 1998, Yellow Cab co-owners Steven Ghouti and Eric Lesachet now enjoy a growing list of feature film clients. Today, Yellow Cab handles audio for virtually every project type, with two studios and three sound editing rooms. Ghouti’s experience mixing for the film “La Vérité Ou Presque” by Sam Karmann opened the door to Euphonix. “I worked on a Euphonix MC controller for over a month, premixing tracks in the box, which gave me a taste for how it can speed up work with any DAW,” he noted. “My first reaction concerning the EuCon protocol was ‘finally something better than the ubiquitous HUI command!’ I was immediately impressed that because EuCon is Ethernet driven, it can talk to Nuendo at a much deeper level than any MIDI controller out there.”

The Euphonix S5 Fusion combines the functions of a digital mixer and DAW control surface. It is designed to meet the needs and budgets of modern mixing facilities that require a professional mixing console that can handle a large number of tracks with the quality and reliability of DSP channels, professional monitoring and the ability to control DAW tracks directly from the console surface. Unique to the S5 Fusion is EuCon, a control protocol developed by Euphonix that allows high-speed Ethernet control of any application.

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