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Studio and support products, multi-image displays


Avocent AMX

Provides real-time user access to all major server platforms and serial devices; features full-system management with an advanced, Java-based administration tool, optimal video resolution and an on-screen graphical interface; operates over UTP cable infrastructure; optional skew compensation ensures video quality is automatically adapted to cable type and length.
Booth: SL8226


Avitech International Sequoia 2H2V

Combines the Sequoia 2×2V and the Sequoia 4H to take up to two HDMI inputs and two DVI/I inputs; all input windows are freely adjustable and have full-screen capability; features a switching function for keyboard/mouse, USB hub, speakers and microphone.
Booth: SL9120


TBC Consoles IntelliTrac

Front and rear device tracks allow unlimited lateral positioning of critical monitors; rack bay turrets may be easily upgraded or relocated, allowing quick, user-friendly modifications; full range of articulating arms for distance, height and tilt control may be used for mounting flat-panel monitors, speakers, phones and task lighting.
Booth: C12419


Snell Centra V.1

Provides integrated, scalable control and monitoring; offers a variety of new features that simplify use and further unify control and monitoring across all media operations; extends support for Snell products, including the MV-Series of multiviewers, as well as more third-party control protocols to further expand its reach; features new tools, including wizards for router configuration, that speed and simplify installation of routing and modular installations.
Booth: N1820



Combines monitoring multimedia and broadcast quality inputs on the same multi-image display processing system; handles DVI, VGA, RGB, HDMI, Blu-ray DVD, DVD, component and S-video, as well as broadcast-quality 3G/HD/SD-SDI; applications include multichannel, multiformat live production when computer-generated inputs and live camera shots are being switched at the same time.
Booth: N2530


Sony BVM-E Series

Full-HD resolution OLED panels with 10-bit drivers with a newly developed display engine; OLED processor is designed to produce deep blacks with high dynamic range, blur-free motion, wide color gamut and accurate picture reproduction; available in 25in and 17in screen sizes; standard inputs include 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort; features include HD frame capture, pixel zoom and effects including side by side, butterfly, wipe and blending.
Booth: C11001


Panasonic BT-LH910

Designed for field and studio applications; features a new high-brightness, high-contrast IPS panel; additional features include newly developed 3D assist functions and professional interfaces, including HDMI and 3G-SDI; can be used on-camera as an electronic viewfinder, on location and in mobile or live settings.
Booth: C3707


Miranda Technologies Kaleido-Modular

Cascading feature allows the system to provide monitoring with up to 24 pictures per monitor; designed around small building blocks with eight video inputs and dual monitor outputs; offers easy maintenance and resilience due to its small failure block; has a delay of less than half a frame; offers silent operation and high picture quality; can be used for monitoring stereoscopic 3-D, including dual 1.5Gb/s and dual 3Gb/s signals.
Booth: N2515


Harris HView

Provides all the monitoring capabilities of a traditional baseband multiviewer but functions in a networked environment where the feeds being monitored are all compressed video or audio; supports multiple compression formats and resolutions; ideal for operators who use different codecs for different jobs — from high-quality H.264 to lower-bit MPEG-2; includes supports for virtual network connection control, which allows users to view and control PC-based devices; features RSS display and multiformat IP stream decoding.
Booth: N2502


Sony LMD-2341W, LMD-1541W

Built with a lightweight, aluminum chassis and slim bezels; ideal for remote trucks, ENG/EFP field work and rental applications; designed with Sony's 10-bit ChromaTru technology and new auto white balance calibration; inputs range from 3G/HD/SD-SDI to analog composite and HDMI inputs; offer in-monitor source display, waveform monitor, audio level meter, time code display and on-screen displays.
Booth: C11001


Staco Energy Products FirstLine P

Three-phase UPS for 80kVA to 125kVA applications; features IGBT and DSP control, low-input current distortion for less than or equal to 3 percent, hot-swappable operation and an output transformer with galvanic isolation between the load and battery supply; up to eight units can be run in parallel for redundancy; includes user-friendly, menu-selectable display with an alarm, emergency power-off button and LED indicators for bypass, main line, battery powering the load, load on bypass and normal output.
Booth: C1110


TVLogic VFM-056W/WP

Feature a high-resolution (1280 × 800) 5.6in LED backlit LCD panel housed in a lightweight yet durable magnesium alloy case; ideal for HDSLR and the latest digital cinema cameras; offered in two versions — basic (VFM-056W) and premium (VFM-056WP) — with features such as focus assist, and audio level metering/monitoring; WP also features waveform/vector scope and HDMI to HD-SDI loop out.
Booth: SL1526