Studer Vista 5 console gains new TFT metering upgrade option

Studer’s Vista 5 digital mixing console now has an upgraded M2 version with the optional addition of a new, integrated TFT metering system introduced on the flagship Vista 9 console. When the TFT meter bridge is fitted, the console’s external GC screen becomes an integral part of the chassis. Available in two frame sizes, 32 and 42 faders wide, the Vista 5 M2 brings precision signal monitoring to an already versatile console.

The new metering option can display signal levels from mono through to 5.1 channels on each input, with a configurable lower area that can be used to display bus assignments, surround images or the history mode, where a scrolling audio waveform displays signal anomalies and highlights them for up to 50 seconds to allow the engineer to identify where the event occurred. Metering for Layer 2 signals can also be viewed, while the control bay screen can be used to provide configurable user pages with up to 40 meters.

The Vista 5 M2 is based on the established Vista 5 console, and existing Vista 5 owners can upgrade their console to the M2 version by adding the optional meter bridge, which is a simple add-on to the console chassis.