StreamGuys Takes On Live Streaming Metadata With SGmetadata

BAYSIDE, CALIF.—Content delivery network and streaming media provider StreamGuys has come out with a new SaaS-based metadata delivery system, the SGmetadata. The new system is designed to reduce the informational workload associated with connecting and updating listeners to streaming media.

SGmetadata employs a push-based metadata system that sends the full layer of the provider’s HTTP protocol, including headers and extras, to the user just once at the beginning of the streaming session. Additional metadata is only sent then when required. The SGmetadata system can also serve out metadata to StreamGuys’ SGplayer or to any other streaming platform and browser using web socket software like

The system is backwards compatible with older browsers and streaming players and simplifies connectivity with third-party service providers. Additionally, SGmetadata can be integrated with StreamGuys’ SGalerts software, which allows streaming providers to be automatically informed when metadata streams are not changing in sync with automation-controlled schedules or have completely stopped working.