Streambox to highlight Mobile Software Encoder at NAB2008

At NAB2008, Streambox will make the professional broadcast market debut of its Mobile Software Encoder, a software solution for video streaming of breaking news and events via broadband.

The Mobile Software Encoder features the same Streambox ACT-L3 proprietary compression technologies used by news organizations, government agencies and other organizations.

The Mobile Software Encoder extends the newsgathering capabilities of broadcasters, first responders and citizen reporters, and it helps deliver live breaking news and events to the newsroom faster while at the same time powering video portals and social networking sites.

A software-based solution ported to a variety of mobile devices, the Streambox Mobile Software Encoder transports broadcast video over WiFi and 3G networks for real-time and store-and-forward news coverage.

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View Streambox's ACT-L3 encoder at NAB2008