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Streambox debuts SBT3-5200 video transport system

Streambox has launched the SBT3-5200 video transport system, which has been engineered specifically for the broadcast industry.

The SBT3-5200 enables broadcasters to transmit full-motion, full-frame interlaced video and audio over IP-based networks. With a compact 1RU profile, the SBT3-5200 is well-suited for use in live news broadcasts, distribution to cable head-ends and other video delivery applications.

The SBT3-5200 supports genlock and features composite SD-SDI inputs with embedded, balanced and AES audio. The encoder's half-duplex mode also enables it to be used as a decoder with multiple SDI and composite outputs. The new SBT3-5200 system relies on the Streambox ACT-L3 technology, which is already widely used by news organizations worldwide.

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