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STMicroelectronics introduces second generation of handheld prototyping tool

STMicroelectronics’ new prototyping tool, the STM32 Primer2 kit, builds on the original STM32 Primer with new features that include an extension connector to ST’s series of self-contained handheld platforms for embedded design. By supplying a fast introduction to the STM32 and tools that streamline programming and debugging, the Primer lets engineers move quickly from concept to high-quality prototype — instead of a conventional engineering development board — with minimal launch investment.

Cell phone-sized, the new kit comes with:

  • 128 x 160-pixel color touch screen
  • Joystick/push button
  • Built-in USB port
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Li-Ion battery with extended life features
  • Extension connector and preloaded sample applications,
  • Accelerometer and infrared transmitter/receiver for quickly adding extra capabilities and functions to applications
  • Built-in software framework, open-source CircleOS, that unifies and simplifies management

The STM32 Primer2 enables product developers with different skill levels to quickly use ST’s 32-bit STM32 microcontroller in new designs. Primer2 devices can be configured with 16KB to 512KB of flash memory, and all models are pin-compatible for maximum flexibility and easier design upgrades. In addition, ST's dedicated STM32 Web site offers developers technical resources, design-sharing opportunities and discussion forums with the site's 6000 registered users.