Stereoscope opens 3-D suite with Quantel Pablo 4K in Burbank

Responding to Hollywood’s growing demand for 3-D production and post production, Stereoscope has opened a facility with a new version of Quantel’s Pablo 4K color grading system.

The facility, located in Burbank, can handle real-time stereoscopic post production. The studio has been designed from the ground up to provide a full range of stereo 3-D digital content services, from development through distribution.

Quantel’s stereoscopic Pablo sits inside Stereoscope’s 3-D digital mastering theater and is designed to be the center of the studio’s entire DI workflow. The system provides an integrated environment for assembly, editing, conforming, effects, titling, color grading and spatialization of digital stereoscopic images.

It can simultaneously play out and process two streams of synchronous high-resolution media, with no rendering necessary. This capability lets creative artists adjust stereo 3-D material in real time, allowing interactive experimentation in order to achieve the correct stereo depth.

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