SSL and NUGEN Audio join forces for loudness metering

SSL and NUGEN Audio recently announced that they have joined forces on a new product intended to make multichannel loudness monitoring more effective. LMS-16, a loudness and true peak metering system, includes NUGEN’s MultiMonitor software as part of a standalone 1RU PC that ships with SSL’s MadiXtreme 128 audio interface. An optional monitor arm can be used to mount the LMS-16 on the side of a C100HDS or C10 HD console. Those who believe that MultiMonitor will be an effective tool but would like to use it in a computer of their own will be able to purchase this software as a standalone product.

Configured as part of the LMS-16 or used independently, MultiMonitor provides 16 meters, capable of displaying up to 96 audio channels at one time. LUFS (loudness unit full scale) data for all channels can be displayed. As the impact of the CALM Act and similar pieces of legislation worldwide become the norm, tools for ensuring that these standards are met are being offered at all price points. Large scale broadcast applications that need to monitor large track counts are clearly the target market for the LMS-16.

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