Sound Devices SL-6 Now Shipping

REEDSBURG, WIS. – Sound Devices has announced that its SL-6 powering and wireless system for the 688 mixer/recorder is now available for shipping.

The SL-6 is an optional accessory to the 688 and wireless receivers that streamlines linkage between the two by providing tighter integration for up to three dual-channel, slot-in receivers. Combined with SuperSlot compatible receivers, the SL-6 offers wireless receiver control and monitoring direct from the 688 mixer.

The SL-6 consists of an NP1 battery slot, USB charging port, two 12-V isolated outputs and two non-isolated direct battery outputs. It also features SuperSlot technology and is able to attach to the 688’s top panel.

Sound Devices designs and manufactures audio and video products from its Reedsburg, Wis., headquarters.