Sony rolls out new features for MVX-8000A switcher

Sony unveiled several new features for its MVS-8000A production switcher at NAB2006.

Version 5.3, which is planned for June, offers users a higher level of production flexibility and a broader range of signal management capabilities.

The software release includes enhancements, such as Multi Program 2 to enable true split mix-effect bank functionality. In addition, a two M/E processor can be used like a four M/E switcher, and keyers can be assigned to either the main or sub sections of the switcher, or to both simultaneously.

A new Side Flags function strengthens aspect ratio management. Inserting side flags does not use existing keyers and can be set automatically or manually.

Sony also will enhance the switcher's control panel with a new jog/shuttle module that offers dedicated device control, In/Out/Current time code read out and clutch control of the jog/shuttle module.

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