Sony launches its latest 23-inch Full HD LCD Monitor

Sony has added to its professional reference monitor lineup with the new 23-inch widescreen LCD Broadcast Monitor. The PVM-L2300, includes the company's TRIMASTER technology from the BVM-L series to deliver evaluation capabilities with high levels of colour reproduction, precision imaging and picture quality consistency. According to Sony the unit is an ideal choice for any critical monitoring applications in broadcast, production, post-production and other professional environments.

"Sony's PVM-L2300 is designed to complement the award-winning BVM-L series with features more suitable to a production monitoring environment while still delivering superb picture performance at a new level of affordability," said Mr Paul Maroni, Assistant General Manager, Broadcast and Content Creation Solutions Asia Pacific. "The launch of the new PVM-L series offers a cost effective choice for users between the current Master grade and grade-2 monitoring solutions."

The new model features a high-grade customized full HD 1920 x 1200 panel with a 10-bit driver for smooth grayscale and colour transitions; as well as a wide CCFL precision backlight system that provides a broad colour gamut for consistent colour display to SMPTE-C, EBU and ITU-R BT.709 standards using the nonlinear cubic conversion colour management system.

The high-end picture monitor is equipped with a sophisticated display engine that uses two state-of-the-art ICs: one dedicated to I/P conversion, producing the lowest possible artefact count and the other one focused on the highly accurate colour management system, delivering stability, consistency and precise standards emulation.

The PVM-L2300 also features from picture & picture mode, pixel zoom function and HD Frame Capture for greater operation flexibility. With longer operational life, higher reliability and the inherent advantages of LCD technology, being, lightweight, reduced depth and installation flexibility; the PVM-L2300 is a deserving successor to traditional CRT broadcast monitors.