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Sonifex releases new rack monitors with Dolby decoder

Sonifex has released its latest rack-mount Reference Monitor with Dolby decoding, the 1RU RM-4C8. The company is also introducing a new 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier and a BLITS tone generator for use with surround-sound systems.

The new RM-4C8 Reference Monitor can decode a Dolby E or Dolby Digital audio stream for visual monitoring of eight or 5.1 audio channels respectively, as well as to monitor any two of those channels audibly. There are three Reference Monitor products that can decode Dolby E and Dolby Digital signals, available as either rack-mount units or as add-on cards to existing RM-4C8 units. The cards can either decode Dolby 5.1 audio from an AES audio stream or can de-embed an AES stream from an HD/SD-SDI source and then decode a Dolby-encoded AES signal.

The Sonifex Reference Monitor range offers quality loudspeaker monitoring and accurate, high-resolution metering of up to four or 10 stereo audio sources (more with the addition of an optional expansion card). Sources may be any mixture of analog and AES/EBU digital formats with sample rates up to 192kHz.

Two new confidence monitors, the RM-CA2 and RM-CAD8, are also available. Using the same speaker system, both offer superb sound with a cut-down feature set. The RM-CA2 has two LED meters and two analog stereo inputs, while the RM-CAD8 has two LED meters, two analog and six digital stereo inputs.

Additions to the Redbox range are the RB-VHDA8, RB-TGHD, RB-MTV1 and the RB-DSD1. The RB-VHDA8, the first video Redbox, is a one-input, eight-output 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier with automatic input detection, reclocking and cable equalization. The unit supports all 3G/HD/SD-SDI formats and has both AC and 12V DC power inputs with a narrow form factor.

The RB-TGHD is an eight-channel audio tone generator for multichannel audio systems, including BLITS 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound typically used in HD broadcasts. Available tone sequences include EBU R49, GLITS and BLITS stereo lineup, EBU R49 and BLITS channel identification and a standard phase check.