SmartRack from mPATHX eliminates wall warts

Addressing the inconvenience and unreliability inherent in external power supplies for electronic devices, mPATHX has introduced SmartRack, a 19in rack-mount intelligent power distribution unit with eight DC outlets and six AC outlets. Using technology developed by the company, the SmartRack eliminates the need for wall warts and their associated noise, heat and waste.

According to the firm, wall warts wasted more than 58 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the United States in 2004. SmartRack eliminates both the warts and their waste, removing them from your system and making it equally useable for broadcasters, recording studios, sound reinforcement systems, musicians’ rigs and IT server systems.

A USB cable connects the SmartRack to a computer, while its graphical user interface enables users to control, program, monitor and deliver the different voltages required by various pro audio and other electronic devices in and outside the rack, ensuring clean, cool, noise-free power. SmartRack is fully programmable and includes upgradeable software, firmware and field-repairable surge and noise components.

The SmartRack is available as a stand-alone commercial product, and the associated technology is being offered on an OEM basis.

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