SmallHD Enters OLED Monitor Market

CARY, N.C.—SmallHD is making its first foray into the OLED monitor market with the release of the 702-OLED monitor. This 7.7-inch screen offers the features of SmallHD’s 702-Bright monitor with OLED display color accuracy and contrast ratio, with the ability to be mounted on a camera or a director’s rig.

The 702-OLED displays a 24 bit color depth with a 160-degree viewing angle and a 1280x800 screen with 191 pixel per inch density. The monitor offers up to 300 nits of brightness via its adjustable backlight. Input and output ports for both SDI and HDMI are included, with cross conversion of less than a frame of latency. A thumb stick and back button provide the control interface, along with a full-size SD card slot to save frame grabs and load 3D LUTs.

Additional features of the 702-OLED monitor include integrated battery slots for LP-E6 and L-Series batteries; an optional pro battery bracket for Gold/V-mount accessibility and additional mounting points for wireless receivers; SmallHD’s Pagebuilder OS control providing user-defined monitoring options; vector scopes and waveforms; an exposure assist system that supports Arri and Spectrum based false color; the ability to display three customizable scopes on screen at a time; and seven 1Z4-20 mounting points.

SmallHD plans to begin shipping the 702-OLED monitor in March at a market retail price of $1,599.