Sky News launches M-Link Newscaster HD-based contribution worldwide

Sky News HD has rolled out Livewire Digital’s M-Link Newscaster for H.264/AVC encoding and contribution of HD material from reporters around the world, the company announced at IBC2010.

M-Link Newscaster can encode 1080i content at rates as low as 2Mb/s and deliver the material over the public Internet, 3G services or Inmarsat BGAN.

According to Bevan Gibson, head of future technology from Sky News, the M-Link Newscaster fits with the broadcaster’s store-and-forward HD workflow and has simplified its newsgathering process.

Livewire’s M-Link product suite includes both live and store-and-forward video support, which are used for remote newsgathering. Benefits include a wide choice of encoding profiles, optimized data transfer protocols and integrated BGAN control.