Simena introduces NE1000 wire speed network emulator

Simena has unveiled its NE1000 wire speed network emulator, which is designed to let users modify the content and transmission characteristics of data packets at gigabit true wire speed.

The NE 1000, which is a 1U high, 15in deep chassis, can impair Ethernet, IP, TCP/UDP and other packets at an aggregate rate of 3 million packets per second. By using extended filters, users are able to pick specific packets to expose to network impairments.

These extended filters are formed by combining individual packet filters by using the Boolean operators. Each packet filter can be defined based on any protocol field, packet size or up to 20-byte long data pattern, which can be anywhere inside the packet including payloads.

Simena’s network emulators are widely used by VoIP, Video on Demand, IPTV and storage based service providers, and equipment manufacturers.

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