Signiant, Object Matrix Collab on Content Delivery

(Image credit: Signiant)

CARDIFF, U.K.—Signiant and Object Matrix have announced a new collaboration that integrates Signiant Media Shuttle with Object Matrix’s MatrixStore to assist users with the transfer of large files and data.

Signiant Media Shuttle is an SaaS system for sending, sharing and accessing any-size files from anywhere, all from a secure, intuitive web interface. MatrixStore, meanwhile, is a media-focused private and hybrid cloud platform built on object storage technology to keep content secure while allowing for easy access.

In integrating these two platforms, a MatrixStore secure vault acts as a Signiant landing zone to ensure DMZ security without additional storage systems. MatrixStore vaults can be configured to restrict access, ensure data is immutable and audit each management and data operation, ensuring content can be transferred between locations.

In addition, Media Shuttle can use SMB, S3 or MXFS (MatrixStore File System) to access MatrixStore object storage. By using MXFS, users can automatically mount MatrixStore vaults as local drives to directly access content delivered to the facility.

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