Signiant expands Media Exchange

Signiant today announced the next-generation version of Signiant Media Exchange (MX), a private cloud solution designed to enable media-industry content providers to share large file-based media assets efficiently with their broader partner ecosystem — without requiring IT involvement on the part of users and without sacrificing the strict requirements for security that are mandatory in the media and entertainment industry.

Building upon the browser-based access already supported in MX today, the new release now enables users to automate the delivery of content directly to their PC or Mac in much the same manner as an RSS feed, thereby reducing the steps required to obtain anticipated content that is transferred regularly. The direct-to-the-desktop application will be offered at no additional charge to new and existing MX users, and the new release will be commercially available at the end of this quarter.

MX is deployed by a wide range of media and entertainment companies — from major studios to global broadcasters to regional postproduction houses — to support the exchange of file-based media content with both internal users and external partners. Unlike general-purpose file-sharing applications in the public cloud, such as Dropbox and YouSendIt, the expanded MX is a private cloud solution designed specifically for the business needs of media content providers. The movement of valuable media assets is auditable and controlled by the content owners, and users send large media content where it needs to go in a manner that is optimized, efficient and accelerated.

In addition, users can exchange content with other users, systems and applications, regardless of location and size of digital assets. As content is transferred, the IP-based Signiant Acceleration Protocol maximizes network efficiency, and all MX content exchanges are protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 cryptographic protocol — the same security model used for authentication, authorization and encryption of Internet transactions such as personal banking and Web shopping.