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Sigma Releases A/D and D/A Converters

Sigma Electronics Inc. has added a pair of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters to its 2100 Series Modular System. The two systems are designed for professional use at low costs.

The ADC-2100 is a professional-quality A/D converter. The module includes features such as a 10-bit A/D SMPTE 259M path with EDH, composite, component (YPrPb), Y/C inputs and a user-configurable four-line comb and notch filter. The analog to digital process is 2X 8:4:4 over-sampled. The unit also incorporates a processing amplifier and color bar generator. Differential inputs reject hum and 270-MB output jitter is less than 3 Hz.

The DAC-2100 D/A converter provides a 10-bit 8:8:8 over-sampled conversion of the 4:2:2 259M-C (525/60 or 625/50) input. Input jitter is less than 3 Hz. Output configurations include composite plus YPrPb, composite plus RGB, two composites plus Y/C or four composites. It also provides user proc. amp controls, color bar test output and auto-detect 525/625 operation.