SGT and Active Circle form technology partnership for MAM

SGT, a provider of asset management software, has partnered with Active Circle, a software vendor specialized in file storage and data management, to provide an integrated, customized and flexible digital content management solution. The two companies have combined their respective solutions to offer a seamlessly integrated workflow, from ingest to archiving.

SGT’s VEDA is a suite of video content management tools for automating all types of production workflows. It facilitates the automatic digitalization of content, multiacquisition of media from different sources, as well as advanced search and content update capabilities. With VEDA’s “Search & Retrieve” feature, users can rapidly search, recuperate and repurpose selected information from an increasingly large volume of archived data.

Active Circle offers a solution for the storage, preservation, protection and lifecycle management of large volumes of digital data. Users can create a virtual storage space on a hard disk or a tape, using hierarchical storage management (HSM). This storage space can be organized in subspaces that can be shared, stored on disk, or archived on a LTO tape. Data access is guaranteed due to cluster mode, and data is secured through automated local or remote replication.