SES’ Luxembourg SMC Goes With TAG Multiviewer

BETZDORF, Luxembourg—Satellite operator SES will be relying on the TAG Video Systems MCM-9000 multiviewer and monitoring platform to keep an eye on the TV, radio and data signals that are transmitted via satellite through its new Service Management Center at its headquarters in Luxembourg.

The MCM-9000 is a software application that can run on commercial off-the-shelf servers or in a virtualized environment. It has IP monitoring technology combined with an IP multiviewer for all broadcast layers. SES says it will use the unit for monitoring MPEG compressed signals, as well as monitoring for uncompressed 2022-6/7 and 2110, JPEG2000 TR-01, MPEG2/4/HEVC transport streams and OTT signals. Multiple UHD or HD video mosaic outputs of the monitored services are presented with data and overlay alerts that can be viewed anywhere.

Working with NICE, TAG created a number of high-quality mosaic “video wall” presentations of the monitored services for SES.