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Sennheiser to debut EM 3732 twin RF receiver at AES

At the upcoming AES show in New York, Sennheiser will introduce the new EM 3732 twin receiver. The new flagship of the company's 3000 Series, the EM 3732 offers a 90MHz switching bandwidth, automatic scanning functionality, a choice of five frequency ranges, transmitter synchronization via infrared interface and both analog and digital connection options. The unit features six user-selectable, fixed frequency banks and one user bank with up to 60 channels that can be programmed in increments of 5kHz. The EM 3732 automatically searches for free frequencies within the selected frequency bank.

An integrated antenna splitter allows up to eight EM 3732 twin receivers to easily be daisy-chained. The EM 3732 offers quick setup in multichannel applications, using an infrared link capable of programming SKM 5200, SK 5212 and SKP 3000 transmitters. Navigation through the receiver’s intuitive operating menus is handled via jog dial, with hot key shortcuts available for frequently used menu items. Both receivers can be monitored individually or simultaneously via headphones.

The receiver system can be remote controlled and monitored via PC by using the provided Wireless Systems Management software over an Ethernet connection. The output level can be set in increments of 1dB and is available at a transformer-balanced XLR-3 analog output as well as an AES3/EBU audio output for direct connection with digital mixing consoles. Digital synchronization of the 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz/24-bit sample rate can be generated internally or accepted from the digital audio mixer via BNC connector.

Available options include the AB 3700 broadband antenna amplifier, which operates from 470MHz-866MHz and amplifies the received signal by 5dB to 15dB. The antenna booster is fitted with four multicolor LEDs that indicate amplification in 5dB increments and has the unique feature of opening a second, low-attenuation (-6dB) signal path in case of power cuts. Two active receiver antennas are available: the directional AD 3700 and the A 3700 omni.

Receiver variations include a single-channel version, the EM 3731, and a command version, the EM 3732 COM, which adds a second XLR-3 audio output for talkback purposes. All models will be available in the coming months.

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