Sencore provides satellite receiver in support of PBS's WARN project

Sencore has partnered with PBS to deliver a configuration of the MRD 3187B Modular Receiver in support of PBS's Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act compliance project. Together with the Sencore Transport Data Injector (TDI 3000), a customized groomer solution developed for PBS, the MRD allows PBS, its member stations, Public Television (PTV) and Non-Commercial Educational (NCE) stations to enable the next generation of Emergency Alert Services. PBS will create a redundant pathway from FEMA to commercial mobile service (CMS) providers for the delivery of geotargeted emergency warning text messages to cellular telephones across the United States.

Passed by Congress in 2006 and set to go live in 2012, the WARN Act, along with the FCC's 2008 Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS), establishes a system by which CMS providers transmit geotargeted local or national emergency messages to subscribers' cell phones.