Scopus Video Networks integrates decoder, decryptor, converter functions with IRD-2900

Scopus Video Networks will debut a variety of products at the SATELLITE 2007 Conference and Exhibition Feb. 19-22 in Washington, D.C., including the IRD-2900 and IRD-2980.

The IRD-2900 is an integrated receiver/decoder, a broadcast-quality decoder, decryptor and interface converter that provides MPEG-2 and AVC SD decoding, advanced transport stream processing, cutting-edge IP processing technologies and a variety of front ends, including DVB-S2 and MPEG-over-IP.

The IRD-2980 supports a wide range of front-end options including ASI transport stream input and output supporting rates of more than 155Mb/s, up to four QPSK L-band inputs and up to four pairs of balanced outputs. The IRD-2980 unit features a dual decoder that provides decoding of two programs within the same transport stream, as well as built-in full transport stream descrambling capability. The platform also includes genlock for professional studio applications, a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port for IP data streaming and SNMP control support. The IRD-2980 is also upgradeable to DVB-S2.

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