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ScheduALL technologies ensure live sports delivery

ScheduALL recently sponsored a Sports Broadcast Europe conference in London to showcase new technologies designed to deliver resources on demand for live sports and event coverage.

ScheduALL's core technology enables broadcasters to coordinate and execute pre-planning, resource allocation and event management for their coverage of live sporting events. This means the sourcing and booking of both internal resources as well as organizing external partners such as freelancers, truck companies and transmission service providers who will each play a critical role in the project.

Managing these external partners is one clear area of frustration for the event manager and broadcaster due to the sheer number of moving parts including upkeep of availability, rate cards and billing accuracy post event.

ScheduALL's latest technology, the AVvA platform, eliminates this headache by enabling these service providers to post their availability of services and price point within the community for free, where these services can be searched, sourced and booked by any core ScheduALL customer in real time.

This functionality saves broadcasters time by having up-to-the-minute access to their service provider's offerings and availability. It also reduces waste often associated with chasing fumbled phone calls, missed emails or matching up planned expenses versus actual service provider invoicing.

Broadcasters are also faced with the challenge of booking feeds with satellite and terrestrial service providers to get their content to market. ScheduALL's ScheduLINK and Circuit Selection modules enable sports broadcasters to plan and manage these bandwidth requirements directly from their core system.

These technologies reduce errors with active conflict checking and cost management functionality. Complementing these transmission tools, ScheduALL's NMS interface extends this capability by enabling even greater visibility and management over terrestrial circuits by interfacing with industry-leading networks such as Nimbra Vision from Net Insight.