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ScheduALL and Media Links join forces to provide content delivery across network types

ScheduALL has combined its software with the Media Links MD8000 broadcast network infrastructure solution to help users create and manage full-service network bookings. It offers guaranteed controls, protocols and service for content delivery across terrestrial, satellite and service provider networks.

With the Media Links and ScheduALL integration, users can combine or adapt network transmissions to best serve specific delivery requirements and save costs.

ScheduALL creates the front end for a customer to self-provision dynamic data feeds that are guaranteed across the network. The company’s NMS Interface combines its core resource scheduling abilities with the automated management features of a third-party NMS to locally manage external devices or systems.

A transmission- or circuit-oriented work order created within the ScheduALL system can then also accept updated information from the third-party NMS, including the status of circuits and devices within the network.

The companies said point to multipoint terrestrial video networks are beginning to compete more aggressively with satellite distribution models, and major broadcasters are looking to reduce the number of transponders used to feed their local affiliates. By integrating ScheduALL, it’s now possible to address the demand for granular control and management.