Satellite Technology Systems delivers uplink services for Super Bowl world feed

STS used its dual-band uplink truck, which is equipped with a full complement of SD and HD production equipment, including the FOR-A HVS-1000HS HANABI 1 M/E HD switcher
Satellite Technology Systems (STS) provide uplink services for the world feed of the Super Bowl Feb. 1.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals met at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, for the Super Bowl Feb. 1, Crystal Lake, IL-based Satellite Technology Systems (STS), provided the world feed for NFL Films.

Using its recently upgraded Ku-band/HD production uplink vehicle, which features FOR-A’s HVS-1000HS Hanabi 1 M/E HD switcher, STS’ feed was made available in HD and SD simultaneously, as well as on both C- and Ku-band satellites. The C-band antenna part of the truck was used for HD, and the Ku portion of the truck was used for the SD world feed. Within the truck, TANDBERG Television encoders were used to encode the Super Bowl world feed.

The dual-band transmission capabilities ensured security for the game’s far-reaching broadcast.

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