Rycote Introduces S-Series

The new S-Series lightweight suspension and windshield system from Rycote is designed to combine a high-degree of wind suppression with enhanced usability.

The elastics-free design of the S-Series is based on a one-piece web suspension made of durable, flexible, lightweight plastic. It fits all diameters of microphone, from 19 millimetres to 25 millimetres, and features a "pinch release" that allows the user to rapidly change the position of the suspension.

A twist-lock system attaches the windshield to the chassis ring for easy release. The integrated acoustic fur covering provides no drop in performance, with greater than 30 dB of wind suppression.

As standard, Rycote delivers the S-Series with an XLR cable, Neutrik NC3 connectors with gold-finish pins and a new pistol-grip handle.