Roundabout Entertainment transfers files with Signiant Media Exchange

Signiant ( has announced that Roundabout Entertainment (, a post-production company in Burbank, CA, has chosen its Media Exchange (MX) system for secure and fast delivery of media files.

Roundabout is using the service to deliver large media files to its end-user clients, as well as to facilitate content exchanges with key vendors and content providers. The company adopted MX as a means of making the file transfer technology available to all of its business partners in a highly streamlined way.

Roundabout specializes in facility-based post services centered on repurposing television and cinema content for multiple audiences and global markets, and then distributing it out to networks, playout facilities and other end users. Previously, the post house had relied on physical shipment of video tape to exchange content with its service providers and deliver the end product to clients.

That process was subject to potential delays, especially for overseas shipments in which tapes could become stalled indefinitely in customs. Signiant MX uses an exclusive IP-based acceleration protocol that enables business partners to connect and exchange the content over a wide-area network (WAN), with enterprise-class security and tools for maximizing available bandwidth.

With MX, companies can extend their technology to smaller broadcasting clients and vendors without requiring them to purchase and install software on their end. All business partners can now connect with a facility and with the same highly managed security as the agent-based Signiant system.