Rotolight Launches Anova Pro 2 LED Light

LONDON—British LED lighting manufacturer Rotolight has a new entry to its stock of LED lights, the Anova Pro 2. The fourth generation of its studio/location light, the Anova Pro 2 offers light and High Speed Sync flash, and can deliver 10,700 lux at 3 feet.

Features for the Anova Pro 2 include electronically adjustable color temperature in both flash and continuous modes (6300-3150K); it also has the CineSFX suite for TV and film production, which now has the wireless Elinchrom Skyport receiver integrated for wireless control. The Anova Pro 2 uses 72W of consumption.

Rotolight reports that the Anova Pro 2 light is currently in use at Celebro, London’s fully 4K television studio, and by Italian state broadcaster RAI TV.

Rotolight will begin shipping the Anova Pro 2 in December for $1,625. It comes with integrated DMX, V-lock battery plate, wireless Elinchrom receiver and four-piece filter kit as standard.