Ross Video to unveil Squeeze & Tease 3D DVE effects

At IBC2006, Ross Video will highlight several advancements, including an enhanced range of supported formats for its MD/X multi-definition production switchers.

The switchers now support standard definition at 525 and 625 lines and high definition at 720p, 1080i and 1080psf with 50Hz, 59.94Hz and 24fps rates.

Ross Video will roll out curvilinear Squeeze & Tease 3D DVE effects for its Synergy MD WARP engine. Squeeze & Tease 3D adds JLAW (Just-Like-A-Wipe) transitions. Key borders, proc amps and color correctors will also be showcased.

The company will show SmartConversion, which allows mixed format sources to be used in production and automatically switches in up- and down-converters as needed.

Ross Video also will feature its openGear terminal equipment. Its new openGear product is an open frame standard, which blends a fixed 100-BNC rear connector with the flexibility of independent rear modules. The 2RU rack frame, designed for multi-def, multi-function applications, can house up to 10 card modules of any type.

See Ross Video at IBC2006 stand 9.430, or visit: