Ross Video Debuts XPression V10 Graphics Platform

(Image credit: Ross Video)

OTTAWA—Ross Video has unveiled the next version of its XPression graphics platform, XPression v10, during its Ross Live | 2020 program.

A real-time graphics platform, XPression v10 includes a fully rewritten, multithreaded video codec that supports UHD, HDR and wide color gamut. The software codec adds support for 10-bit video files and is backwards compatible with older XPression assets. XPression v10 also features an updated XPression Remote Sequencer that enables customers to create new rundowns, create new Take items, modify existing MOS objects, manage rundowns and build rundowns while offline. XPression v10 is expected to be available in July.

Separate from v10, Ross showcased the XPression Sequencer Gateway, a special edition of the Xpression Gateway for non-MOS users. The XPression Sequencer Gateway removes the MOS NRCS and MOS/NLE Client connectivity, which helps customers build rundowns and stories in the Remote Sequencer. The new Gateway is available as a hardware/software bundle that includes the XPression Sequencer Gateway software, XPression Offline Render Engine software and the XPression Gateway hardware.

Another new product that Ross is launching is the XPression Elect-It, an election system that can drive tickers, full screens and lower-third results. It has a web-based interface for collaboration on elections graphics and for building rundowns, as well as integrating wire licenses from groups like Decision Desk HQ and Associated Press. There are pre-configured graphics packages created by Rocket Surgery that are available as a bundle with XPression Elect-It.

Ross wrapped up its presentation by announcing a new XPression MOS HTML5 plugin that will integrate with XPression Clips, UX and XPression Maps, enabling the XPression MOS workflow as a fully cross-platform.

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