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Rosco Launches RoscoLED Tape

STAMFORD, CONN.—Designed for set designers and filmmakers, Rosco Laboratories’ new RoscoLED Tape lighting kits add accent lighting to set pieces for TV and film productions. Kits come with multiple reels of RoscoLED Tape with pre-configured plug-and-play connectors, as well as a control box with quick connection ports for power, DMX control and LED Tape outputs.

VariWhite RoscoLED Tape kit

RoscoLED Tapes come in three types of kits: the Static White, which is available in tungsten or daylight; the VariWhite, which offers dual chip, high CRI LEDs that are tunable from 3000K-6500K; and VariColor, which offers a variety of hues using a blend of color-mixing RGB and W LEDs. Each kit component can also be purchased individually.

Rosco Labs has also announced the RoscoLED Tape Pro Gaffers kit. The Pro Gaffers kit offers a selection of RoscoLED Tape strips along with power and control accessories, including a car adaptor, AA battery holder and single fade dimmer.

RoscoLED Tape is now available.