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Riedel Rolls Out RSP-1216HL SmartPanel

Riedel RSP-1216HL
(Image credit: Riedel)

WUPPERTAL, Germany—Riedel is debuting the RSP-1216HL SmartPanel, a 1RU model of the company’s 1200 Series of intercom and control panels for real-time video, audio, data and communications networks. The RSP-1216HL model is a compact version of the app-based RSP-1232HL SmartPanel user interface.

RSP-1216HL is fully IP-centric and features a full-color, high-resolution, sunlight-readable touchscreen. It also features a hybrid-lever key design that combines lever- and rotary-style key slates; 16 hybrid-lever keys are on the model. The new panel provides the same connectivity options as the RSP-1232HL, including AES3 and SMPTE 2110-30 connections together with GPIO, analog or AES67 four-wire, as well as front and rear USB connectivity. A single speaker is also part of the model.

Riedel’s 1200 Series SmartPanels feature a software-defined architecture that can be updated by various software updates. The line will work with Riedel’s upcoming Control Panel app and Audio Monitoring app, which will unite intercom, control and audio monitoring functionality into a single keypanel.

In addition, a new audio processing capability has been added to the series to deliver excellent speech quality and the reproduction of program material without distortion, according to Benjamin Lampert, product manager at Riedel.

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