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Riedel rolls out improved panel multiplexers

At IBC2007, German intercom manufacturer Riedel Communications showcased its improved PMX-Series panel multiplexers.

Designed for panel distribution and audio signal transport, the PMX-Series provides users with a solution that minimizes setup time when used to remote four (PMX-2004) or eight (PMX-2008) intercom panels from the Riedel Artist or Performer 32 digital intercom matrix using a fiber link.

Riedel’s PMX-Series allows for the operation of a group of intercom panels over 1600ft or 1.2mi, depending on the SFP module. The PMX-2004 provides four BNCs to connect to matrix ports or panels and a duplex LC fiber connector. In addition, the PMX-2008 holds two such modules.

The PMX can be used at the matrix end or the panel end of the fiber link by setting a switch at the rear of the unit to the appropriate position.

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