Riedel Makes Sizable Addition to MediorNet Networking Family

(Image credit: Riedel Communications)

WUPPERTAL, Germany—Riedel Communications has expanded its MediorNet video networking device family with 13 new hardware products and nine new software apps.

The company’s new MicroN UHD builds on Riedel’s distributed, software-defined concept, adding more bandwidth, more I/Os, higher resolution and more processing power to the MediorNet platform. 

Working with its Riedel Montreal engineering and management teams, formerly Embrionix, the company also has released the MediorNet MuoN, VirtU and FusioN product series. The new additions are processing modules and hubs featuring ultra-dense SFP technologies that complement intelligent MediorNet signal interfaces and core switches.

"Since Embrionix joined the Riedel family late last year, we have worked relentlessly to integrate their powerful technologies into our video solutions portfolio,” said Thomas Riedel, founder and CEO, Riedel Communications. "We are really proud of what we have achieved as a team, and we are happy to present our common vision for the future of video networks with the MuoN, VirtU, and FusioN series."

The MuoN SFPs are at the heart of MediorNet products. The compact, pluggable gateway and processing device can be used inside VirtU frames or off-the-shelf IP switches. Software-defined MuoN hardware is available in different input and output configurations, including BNC, fiber or HDMI. It can be configured with different apps, and with a software license change it can act as an up/down/cross-converter, a JPEG-2000/XS encoder or decoder, audio router or multiviewer, the company said.

Riedel’s VirtU IP core infrastructure platform can host a large number of MuoN SFP processors in 1RU. It can be used as a bulk gateway and a high-density processing unit. The company’s FusioN product series is a series of compact, standalone I/O and processing devices that can be configured with a range of apps, the company said.

The company also has launched several new apps for up/down/cross-conversion, encoding/decoding, audio routing and multiviewing, as well as a series of IP gateway apps.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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