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RFO expands content management and storage with Netia software suite

Réseau France Outre-mer (French Overseas Network or RFO), a subsidiary of the Group France Television, is installing a Manreo media asset management (MAM) solution from Netia to simplify file and archive management of content at the broadcaster’s Paris headquarters and nine regional production centers.

The Netia technology allows RFO to enrich and archive digital content and then publish it from the same application and interface.

Manreo software is being integrated with RFO’s acquisition, production, automation and storage applications to store and enrich audio, video and still images and subsequently facilitate the publishing of content through various delivery platforms.

RFO has installed Netia’s Radio-Assist across its operations and is now deploying the Manreo software to make its operations more productive. Christian Augereau, technical director at RFO, said as the broadcaster looks to leverage its media assets more effectively and fully across its broadcast channels and newer distribution outlets, Manreo provides an intelligent solution that engages well with its existing systems.

RFO distributes 17 television channels from its head office in Paris to French-speaking territories located tens of thousands of kilometers from one another. The broadcaster’s regional production facilities are connected by satellite and ADSL around the clock, thus supporting the exchange of programs and news (both radio and TV) in real time.

Manreo is being installed across RFO in two phases. The first phase will address file management and archiving, while the second phase addresses the publishing of media. During the first stage, the software will ingest high-resolution content, generate low-resolution proxies for indexing, leverage its integrated speech-to-text capability to turn dialog into searchable text, and enable browsing of content and access to high-resolution files for editing with the Avid and Apple edit systems at seven different RFO sites.

In the second phase of installation, Manreo will be extended to publish media through its Hypercast Warehouse tool, which will be used to manage audio, video, or images in all file formats (MXF, XDCAM, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, Windows Media, etc.). Built-in monitoring tools provide operators with updates as to the status of asset restoration, transcoding of specific media to the appropriate format and publishing of content to the target platform.