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Revolabs announces Fusion wireless microphone systems

Revolabs has announced Fusion, its newest wireless microphone system, designed for plug-and-play deployment in small conference rooms. Fusion combines all of the necessary electronics in one small package so the setup and use is extremely simple, eliminating rack-mount hardware in the process.

Revolabs’ Fusion comes in a compact tabletop enclosure that is preprogrammed with all of the software necessary to function immediately. Users simply plug Fusion into a power outlet and plug a cable into a phone line or a videoconferencing system. The product is available in four- and eight-mic versions and can use both the regular Revolabs Solo RF-Armor wireless microphones.

Because Fusion is plug-and-play and uses rechargeable microphone transmitters, cost of ownership is significantly reduced. The Fusion wireless microphone system brings all of the benefits of the Revolabs Solo system into smaller rooms, including secure, rechargeable and flexible microphones. Security is paramount for corporate clients, including medical professionals bound by HIPA confidentiality standards and anyone else using audio systems while discussing confidential information.

The Solo wireless microphones provide eight hours of talk time after each full charge and reaches 85 percent capacity in just 45 minutes. The system includes a charger base that ships with each system. Revolabs’ MaxFlex technology allows all Solo wireless microphones to be interchangeable, including clip-on and boundary styles. An XLR adapter also allows any standard professional microphone to be used with the system. There are also two packaged systems for out-of-the-box installation — an eight-microphone solution consisting of six tabletops and two wearable wireless microphones and a four-microphone Fusion system with three tabletops and one wearable wireless microphone.

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