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Real Sound Lab launches CONEQ P2 VST plug-in

Real Sound Lab, a Latvian audio R&D company, is officially launching its first plug-in family product: the CONEQ P2 plug-in VST for Windows. The CONEQ P2 plug-in is a two-channel equalizer used to correct the frequency response characteristics of loudspeakers from within a digital audio workstation (DAW). The CONEQ P2 plug-in works inside a VST host application. Windows XP and Vista operating systems are supported, and plans for Apple support are in place. Initial orders are expected to ship this month.

To use CONEQ P2 plug-in, compatible correction filters must be produced in the CONEQ Workshop application. To promote CONEQ P2 plug-in launch, Real Sound Lab supplies a free time-limited CONEQ Workshop license. The plug-in is protected against illegal copying by a Syncrosoft eLicenser USB dongle. This allows installing the CONEQ P2 plug-in on as many computers as needed and using it on the one where eLicenser is connected.