RABS App Helps Create a Safe Set During Pandemic

Run a Better Set
(Image credit: Run a Better Set)

PHILADELPHIA—Run a Better Set (RABS) has developed an app and digital voucher that is designed to help TV and film productions deal with many of the safety challenges presented by the current COVID-19 pandemic, by removing the need for paper and touch points.

Through the RABS app, background talent completes their Digital Vouchers from home or from personal devices on set, eliminating the need to exchange paper, pens or other documents. It also features what RABS calls Skin and Wrap technologies, which allow for the review and approval of these documents in-app.

The app can also track COVID test results, safety training certificates and payments. It can separate background talent into “Sequester” and “Hold Units.” The app can also easily update to new regulations and best practices.

All documentation done through the app can be electronically transferred to whatever department needed, per RABS.

"Digital services enabling effective health and safety practices are essential for crews to remain at work," says Josh Weinberg, CEO of RABS. "The RABS App solves the unique and often overlooked challenges of safely managing background talent on set. We've been a proven, trusted service since well before the pandemic."

For more information, visit www.runabetterset.com.