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QuStream debuts Integrity 600 modules to European market

At IBC2007, QuStream introduced a compact Integrity 600 range of broadcast-quality signal processing, conversion and distribution modules to the European market.

QuStream's Integrity 600 modular system includes a high-speed chassis and a range of video and audio distribution amplifiers.

The Integrity 600 FRM603 chassis is designed for reliability and density with a high level of redundancy. The Integrity 600 FRM603 chassis accommodates up to 20 signal processing cards in addition to the control/genlock boards, enabling higher density.

The midplane is unique with 3Gb/s signal busses between two Star slots and all other boards, as well as between adjacent boards. The Star board slots permit full bandwidth system integration through CWDM fiber or other transmission standards. All boards, including video and audio DAs, can receive or send signals to other boards via midplane.

Integrity 600 Series modules currently available include:

  • DDA-617, DDA617AA and DDA617DA downconverting video/digital-audio DAs with 270Mb/s to 3Gb/s 1080p inputs;
  • Sixteen digital video distribution models, including the DVA617 (1x7), DVA6115 (1x15), DVA623 (dual 1x3) and DVA6214 (dual 1x7).

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