Quicklink adds Ka system to BT Tower for global coverage

Quicklink Video Distribution Services has begun offering Ka network enhancement to its IP global content distribution service using a fiber link connection to any worldwide destination.

Most UK broadcasters, many international broadcasters and other large production companies, together with fiber and transmission suppliers have links to the BT Tower, London. Direct connectivity via continental fiber links is also available through SNG’s partnerships with such international fiber providers as Level 3 Vyvx Solutions, the Venus network and Tata Communications.

This service provides a cost-effective strategy to those wishing to stream live content to any global destination. Even in certain inaccessible areas where it is more difficult to obtain a signal, it is possible to stream live video using the Ka Network.

Quicklink offers a range of encoders that can be used with the Ka network, including Mac and Windows software and 1U vehicle rack mount encoders. The Quicklink encoding systems benefit from preset approved profiles that are optimized to be used with the Ka network.