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Quantum Updates StorNext Connect

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Quantum Corp. has released an upgraded version of its StorNext Connect management tool for installation, discovery, administration and monitoring of StorNext environments. The new version 1.1 offers the same multi-tier storage environment as its predecessor with a slate of new features to improve control, visibility and actionable insight.

StorNext Connect 1.1

StorNext Connect provides users with a unified view of the entire multi-tier, end-to-end workflow storage environment, including disk, tape, object storage and cloud resources. As part of StorNext environments, as well as being built-in to Xcellis workflow storage systems, StorNext Connect enables users to deploy and configure new equipment and then monitor and manage multiple systems simultaneously.

StorNext Connect 1.1 offers a new intuitive graphical dashboard that describes the current state of the StorNext environment, including info on storage, CPU, memory and network interconnects. It also provides simultaneous displays of multiple performance metrics over the same period of time. Other features include a self-guided interface for installation and configuration of Xcellis workflow; step-by-step configurator for NAS setup and management; and support for monitoring and management of Quantum’s Lattus object storage.

StorNext Connect 1.1 is currently available and will be included in new StorNext-powered systems for free.