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Quantum Introduces StorNext 6

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—This summer will bring a new release of Quantum Corp.’s StorNext workflow storage portfolio with the addition of StorNext 6. Adding advanced data management features to the system, the StorNext 6 is designed to share and access content across teams and manage and protect archived content. The StorNext 6 will be offered in an integrated, multi-tier storage system with flash, spinning disk, object storage, tape and the cloud.

With real-world 4K testing and 4K reference architectures, the StorNext platform offers a new quality of service feature to specify bandwidth allocation to individual workstations for tasks like 4K playback or color correction; the QoS service can also set parameters to cap bandwidth for less timely or demanding tasks.

StorNext also has a new feature called FlexSpace, which allows multiple StorNext units share a single repository for increased collaboration. Files from different sites can be stored in a shared archive, as well as browsed and pulled from the repository. Shared archive options include both public cloud storage and private cloud storage or third-party object storage through FlexTier.

The new FlexSync feature provides the ability to synchronize content between multiple StorNext systems in an automated fashion. FlexSync supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one file replication scenarios and can be configured to operate with specific files, specific folders or entire file systems. The feature can recognize changes instantly and begin reflecting those changes on another system.

Additional features for the StorNext 6 include copy expiration and selectable retrieve; file system auditing; online stripe group management; and focused mac finder results.

Quantum will begin shipping the StorNext 6 platform with all newly purchased Xcellis and StorNext M-Series offerings, as well as Artico archive appliances, in early summer.