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Quantum Expands NVMe Storage Line

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Quantum has introduced the F1000, a new, lower-priced addition to its F-Series line of NVMe storage appliances.

Quantum’s F-Series was designed specifically for the video and image-based workloads, whether it’s HD video used for movie, TV and sports production, marketing and advertising content, or image-based workloads that require high speed processing, such as the data from a satellite feed, a drone, a car used in the development of new automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) and more.

Quantum’s customers can deploy the F-Series NVMe systems as part of the company’s StorNext scale-out file storage cluster and leverage the StorNext data management capabilities to move data between NVMe storage pools and other storage pools.

The F1000 is a 1U NVMe storage server optimized for performance, without the high-availability design of the F2000. Using a single-controller server and optimizing the F-Series software stack to run with less CPU, the F1000 offers the same streaming performance and response times as the F2000 at a lower entry price, the company said. The Quantum F1000 offers performance that is 5x to 10x faster than an equivalent SAS SSD storage array, at a similar price, according to Quantum.

The F1000 is available in two capacity points: 39 TB and 77 TB. It offers the same connectivity options as the F2000: 32 Gb fiber channel or iSER / RDMA using 100 Gb Ethernet, and is designed to be deployed as part of a StorNext scale out file storage cluster.

The F1000 leverages the same software-defined block storage platform that was introduced with the Quantum F2000.