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Quantel Brings on Picturebox sQ

Newbury, U.K.-based Quantel, will introduce Picturebox sQ at NAB2005.

HD upgradable Picturebox sQ plays out moving sequences in the form of clips as well as stills. Networked with Paintbox to several independent viewing and editing stations, Picturebox sQ allows for online creative, content and legal approvals, as well as playlist updates and the addition of new graphics while the system is on-air.

The brain of the system is an Integrated Graphics Architecture (IGA) computer that manages the database and works with the Integrated Server Architecture (ISA) computer in sQ server systems, ensuring transparency of data between the graphics server and the main production system. Quantel Frame Magic technology ensures optimum performance and storage use.

The QPlay control panel on Picturebox sQ, based on the one from Picturebox, has new software that provides more flexibility for the input, output and rundown processes. A slo-mo lever is optional.

Quantel will showcase Picturebox sQ in Booth SL1147.